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"This book is both uniquely broad and deep in its approach to understanding Egypt’s development ‘failure’ which has occurred despite massive external support provided to the country. It presents a model by which similar developmental failures, whether in the MENA or elsewhere, can be analyzed and compared."

- Robert Springborg, Naval Postgraduate School, USA 

"Sarah’s work is an excellent contribution to the political economy of Egypt and the Middle East. It studies Egypt’s globalized trade and investment sectors. It reveals how foreign financial and developmental institutions were part of the networks of state-business relations, which has been hardly addressed before."

- Amr Adly, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

"Interdisciplinary in methodology and theoretical orientation, Cronyism and Elite Capture in Egypt provides the most persuasive account of the networks, domestic and international, that shaped Egypt’s global market integration on neoliberal terms and reaped its benefits. Smierciak also reveals herself as a gifted narrator, and the result is an eminently readable story, absorbing and infuriating in equal parts, of crony capitalism in the late Mubarak era."

- Roberto Roccu, King’s College London, UK

Cronyism and Elite Capture in Egypt: From Businessmen Cabinet to Military Inc(Routledge 2021)                             


Investigating key features of contemporary Egypt, this volume includes Egypt’s modern history, politics, economics, the legal system, environment, and its media and modes of cultural expression. It examines Egypt’s capacities to meet developmental challenges, ranging from responding to globalization and regional competition to generating sufficient economic growth and political inclusion to accommodate the interests and demands of a rapidly growing population.


Politics has been overwhelmingly authoritarian and coercive since the military seized power in 1952; consequently, the contributions address both the causes and consequences of unbalanced civil–military relations, military rule, and persisting authoritarianism in the political society.

This multidisciplinary handbook serves a dual purpose of introducing readers to Egypt’s history and contemporary political economy and as a comprehensive key resource for postgraduate students and academics interested in modern Egypt.

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Moon Egypt (Hachette Book Group 2022)

Best travel guide I've ever used ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"I have traveled to over sixty countries and love to consult travel guides to guide my adventures. This is one of the top guides I've ever read... Where I think it's really outstanding though, better than any other guide I've ever read, was the author's ability to give me an insightful contextualization of things old and new. I learned a ton about the incredible thousands-year history of the nation that built some of the wonders of the world. I learned about the often stark landscape of seemingly endless deserts, and the peoples who call it home. I learned about the culture, economy, and politics (and so much more!) that are relevant to being an informed and curious traveler. That it was easy to read, concise, informative, and enjoyable made sense once I learned the author is a professor and Rhodes Scholar; I even read about the places I wouldn't visit this trip. And so now I've gotta go back!" -Bradley H

Impressively Comprehensive! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"I can't imagine there is a more thorough, well researched, lovingly photographed, or more unique guide to Egypt in English! The chapters were arranged in a very intuitive way, starting with Cario and radiating outward to places truly off the beaten path - I would wager there is stuff in this book you'd never find in a million years without local help or living there yourself! The photos are really stunning, the writing is great - Highly recommended!" -David F

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